"Jim and Crew!

Thanks for another great year! The money you saved us was more than we could've asked for. Your customer service was outstanding and we hope to continue this relationship for years to come.


Keep up the good work!

-Fairborn USA"


"We have been using Innovative Logistics services for several years. They save us several thousand dollars every month. Not only do they save me money, but they also keep our storeroom apprised of incoming shipments and sensitive orders.


Personnel are friendly and always available to answer questions. We are pleased with the service, and are looking at ways to expand their presence.


-Mark R.

Arcelor Mittal"


2 years ago I was tasked with controlling the shipping cost for 50 suppliers for a Just in Time manufacturing company.


After contacting Innovative Logistics and meeting with them about the issues of cost and control, it was pleasant to hear they could offer competitive pricing that would stay in-line with the cost indicators we used to measure profit. Adding the knowledge and service we have now experienced, the relationship has been very positive.


The overall experience has been stellar for everyone involved on a daily basis. As we continue into the next fiscal year, I believe the value added service and fair cost will be a primary contributor to our success and profit for the year.


Shannon F."

"Let this letter serve as an endorsement and support of Mr. James Javurek and his company "Innovative Logistics, LLC" in Lexington, Ohio.


Jim's career has been mainly in transportation, LTL Services. He has been associated with the top freight companies serving the U.S. coast to coast, Canada, and beyond. 


Leaving UPS freight as terminal manager to start his company was indeed a step of faith. He could finally apply his years of experience as a "Service Provider." Jim is our "Watch Dog." He not only negotiated better percentage rates for us, but watches each shipment that leaves our docks. In-bound shipments received are also monitored. Any problems, damages or any issues realized are handles on our behalf by Jim.


Jim also keeps us posted on important happenings within the freight industry. We, as a company, cannot jeopardize our freight in the event of LTL companies that might close or experience shipping problems.


Dealing with freight every day can be very time-consuming. Jim lightens my load considerably. It is a pleasure working with Jim on a daily basis. He is an honest and reliable man who really works on our behalf. 



Mike Gerber

General Manager Denco Marketing Co."